Best BBQ Wear – It’s Not Too Late!

If you were very attentive and very vigilant over the weekend, you may have caught the talk of one last big summer heat-wave. That’s right, the weathermen are expecting the last bank holiday weekend of the year to be a real scorcher. So, get rid of that wintery frown and put those itty bitty shorts back on – the sun is coming out to play.


Best BBQ Wear

If the weather forecast is anything to go by, there could be time enough to drag the BBQ out for one last garden party, one last big blow out. If there’s time for one last party, there’s definitely time for one last amazing summer outfit. Before you put your miniskirt back in the cupboard and take out last year’s knitwear, make sure that you give your summer wardrobe a proper send off. Here a few tips and tricks that you can use to make sure that your BBQ wear is as stylish as stylish can be.

Wear It Loose

This is rule number one when it comes to summer BBQ fashion. If you’re planning to head to an event that’s entirely based on eating vast quantities of food – you better make sure that your outfit has a little bit of give. That means no skin tight trousers, no Lycra leotards and definitely no corsets! Stick with loose, light items of clothing that are pretty and attractive but comfortable to wear. You might be tempted to don all of your edgiest designer gear, but do remember that a BBQ is quite a relaxed, informal event. Why not team a pair of figure flattering boyfriend jeans with a simple, brightly colored vest top and a cute straw boater?


Donning Your Denim

Don’t be afraid to rock a denim jacket at a summer BBQ – it’s the perfect accompaniment to black Capri pants and a teeny weeny band T-shirt. Denim jackets never really go out of style and they’re extremely versatile, so go ahead and fashion an outfit around your favorite one. Light shades of denim work perfectly with pastel pink and salmon tones, but they also suit light colored, strappy sandals and quirky straw hats. For a truly laid back look, combine your favorite denim jacket with a long, well-fitting midi dress and a few simple accessories, says Elle stylist Tamara Lamont-Dijet.

Comfortable Shoes

Let’s face it, heels really aren’t the right kind of footwear for a BBQ. The last thing you want is to turn up to a chilled out garden party dressed up to the nines in designer pieces. Just go with the flow and pick a pair of shoes that you feel comfortable in. There are plenty on offer from Blue Inc seems a shame to limit yourself! They don’t have to be flat shoes, but they certainly shouldn’t be stiletto heels. If you are a little paranoid about your height and hate to be seen without your heels, go for a pair of cute and stylish wedge sandals.


Don’t Forget the Sunnis



In this situation, the most important accessory of all has to be a top quality pair of vintage sunniest. They’re important not only for your outfit but for your general health too, so don’t forget to pop them in your tote bag before you set off. Do make sure that the sunglasses you buy are a good match for the shape of your face. This helpful guide from Cosmopolitan magazine should tell you all that you need to know


Keep Accessories Simple

It’s best to stick to one or two simple signature accessories – you don’t want to be hauling around chandelier earrings or an arm full of sweaty bangles in searing hot temperatures. Go for an attractive handbag and a light, stylish ring or bracelet. If you choose to wear a ring – make it super chunky but fairly plain. If you go for a bracelet, stick with a very lightweight design. Don’t be afraid to top your outfit off with a cute straw hat. They’re all the rage this season and they can be worn with almost anything.

From Flares to Skinny: How to Fit Into Those Skinny Jeans

Autumn’s almost here, and that means planning—and getting super-excited about—our 2013 autumn jean selections! Sometimes it seems like even if we keep up with reading fashion magazines, we can never be totally certain if the trend in jeans will be boot cut, low-wasted stovepipe, flares or skinnies—or if the latest trend will look right for all our different kinds of bodies.




Here’s an inside look how women should work towards fitting into those skinny jeans whilst tossing the flares in the trash for good – or, at least for now.


Tone Those Legs


What are some of the best exercises you can try tone up your legs? They can include everything from split squats to hamstring curls, and can also incorporate three way lunges and seated isometric squats, as well as many others. The aim of toning up your legs should be to combine effective stretching with resistance to add definition to different parts of your legs; this process can be further enhanced by using supplements that promote lean muscle, which can include whey protein, amino acids, and conjugated linoleic acids.


Mark Your Calendar


Everyone wants to be happy and fulfilled in their life, but not everyone knows how to achieve this feeling. For many, making minor changes to their current lifestyle can make all the difference and will help them gain the life that they desire. Although it takes dedication, and will sometimes feel like a lot of hard work, everyone can achieve a better life through several simplistic steps that are proven to work:

Mark your calendar to depict the date you will fit into your jeans. Don’t question the date.

Set your mood, and mind, on where you’ll purchase these skinny jeans and who you’ll ‘wow’.

Know that, if you want to achieve success, you have to be success.

Upon marking your calendar, make yourself an ideal eating regimen that will help you climb down on caloric intake. Never quit sugars cold-turkey; trying raw foods is definitely suggested, even in juice form.

Tone Your Abs

Women that want to fit into new skinny jeans, and ditch the flare, are all about learning the benefits of applying a variety of different exercises to keep getting results for their abs. The benefits of Pilates, swimming and core ball workouts go without saying when trying to tone abdomen areas. The wheel often seen on commercials also works wonders.

You Can Do It!

Perseverance is what allows us to run marathons, and climb mountains; our adaptability is what has enabled us to continue to persevere and overcome adversity when trying to lose weight. Since many of your great skinny jean brands can be found online today, you could literally transform yourself behind the scenes and show the world you’re ready to rock-n-roll.

Biking around the UK, or anything involving regular exercise is a brilliant way to make long lasting changes which will allow you to fit into skinny jeans again, while regularly exercising is another approach towards working to improve your health which helps you live longer.

Fancy Dress Ideas For Those That Leave It Late

With the advent of the Internet, people no longer have to make a trip to the local store to purchase what they need. Buying things online has gained increased popularity since the last several years, and the number of people who buy things online is growing rapidly. Many people are now realizing the amazing benefits offered by online shopping. These days, nearly everything can be purchased online, including dresses for those that leave their parties later than others.




Here’s some prime examples of fancy dress ideas for those leaving it later than friends they’ll accompany to balls, or other major parties:


80’s Look

Symbolic for the British invasion, the 1980’s became an excessive fancy dress siesta for women around the world. With so many different dresses symbolic of Cyndi Lauper, Lita Ford or Samantha Fox, women could definitely find that wonderful ensemble for fancy balls or parties without problems. In fact, many women are infusing these dress styles into current shoe trends to maximize the 80’s appeal.

For men, dressing like Billy Idol or other rock stars, or even Christopher Lloyd during Back to the Future era, is particular cool all year long, too.

Halloween – All Year Long!

Over the past couple decades, Halloween has morphed from a simple affair into a major extravaganza. Enormous Halloween outlet stores open each year. Many adults throw elaborate parties. And people of all ages explore top-rated haunted houses. One thing about fancy Halloween dress is certain: they look good all year long. Therefore, make the concerted effort to shop for fancy dresses symbolic with ‘scary times’, even during Christmas: witches look sexy anytime, even without the extraneous face makeovers.

Elves for Halloween?

Everyone knows that Christmas is around the corner when shopping centres, pubs and hotels start displaying luxurious fancy dress ensembles and pumping up the sales adverts. Creating an outfit for fancy parties that’s brimming with Christmas spirit – regardless of season – is an ideal way to make your significant other feel ‘spirited’ and more likely to spend time making your party or special occasions successful. For this reason alone, never discount wearing Christmas themes all year long, if only in colour.


Fancy Dress has become the universal monomer for ‘galas’, and many online stores have umpteen casual ideas to choose from. Fancy dress parties can be great fun but sometimes not all of the guests get into the spirit of the occasion. Usually there is nothing worse than a party where nobody makes the effort but occasionally the results are hilarious. When looking for the scariest Halloween costumes with a theme that is right up your street, choose from what is available online today.


When you are looking good and feeling comfortable in your fancy dress clothes, it definitely helps when you’re trying to impress friends or loved ones at bigger parties. To achieve the most stylish look for any season without spending a fortune, take the time to shop online for Halloween, Christmas or any seasonal fancy dress costume and save loads of money in the process.